S pumps form the backbone of many sewage systems. They are selected for their strength, their durability, and for innovative features such as the SmartTrim impeller clearance adjustment system and the Smart Seal for leakage prevention.

The SmartTrim system used on the S-pumps makes it easy to adjust the factory-set impeller clearance and thus to maintain maximum pump efficiency.

The pumps are suitable for the following applications:
- Transfer of unscreened raw sewage
- Transfer of raw water
- Pumping of water containing sludge
- Pumping of industrial effluent.

Features and benefits:
- Wide range
- SmartTrim
- Operation with/without cooling jacket
- Submerged or dry installation
- Channel and vortex impellers
- Built-in motor protection
- SmartSeal
-Large free passage
-SuperVortex impeller.