CRN-SF is a double pump system capable of generating up to 48 bar.
The system consists of two pumps in series. The first pump is a standard pump for feeding. The second pump is a high-pressure pump especially designed for high pressures. The CRN-SF pump is a non-self-priming, vertical multistage centrifugal pump fitted with a Grundfos standard motor.
The CRN-SF pump is also available with a Grundfos motor with integrated frequency converter, type MGE.
When fitted with this motor the pump designation is
The direction of rotation is the opposite of that of standard
pumps, and the chamber stack is turned upsidedown,
as a result of which the pumped liquid flows in
the opposite direction.
This special design ensures that the shaft seal is not
affected by the pump discharge pressure.
The base, the pump head cover as well as vital pump
components are made from stainless steel.
The pump has a maintenance-free mechanical cartridge
shaft seal.
Operating conditions - high-pressure pump
Liquid temperature: -20 °C to +120 °C.
Minimum inlet pressure: 2 bar.
Maximum inlet pressure:
CRN 3, 5 SF 15/25 bar
CRN 10, 15, 20 SF 10/25 bar (static/operation)
Maximum operating pressure: 50 bar.