Operating range: from 2 to 67 m3 /h with head up to 13,7 metres.
Pumped liquid: clean, free of solids and abrasives, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallised and chemically neutral, with properties similar to water. Maximum, glycol content 30% (for other glycol percentages contact Technical Support).
Pumped liquid temperature range: from -15 °C to +120°C.
Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar (1000 kPa).
Standard flanges:DN 40, DN 50, DN 65, DN 80 - PN 6/PN 10 (4 holes)
Flanges on request: DN 80 - PN 16 (8 holes)
Counter flanges on request: threaded DN 40, DN 50, DN 65 - PN 6
with welded collar DN 40, DN 50, DN 65, DN 80 - PN 6
with welded collar DN 40, DN 50, DN 65 - PN 10/PN 16 (4 holes)
with welded collar DN 80 - PN 10/PN 16 (8 holes)
Protection class: IP 55
Insulation class: F
Standard single-phase voltage: 1x220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Special version on request:three-phase 3x400 V / 50 Hz or three-phase 3x460 V / 60 Hz
Standard three-phase voltage: 3x400 V / 50 Hz
Special version on request: 3x460 V / 60 Hz

Hot or cold water circulation pump with in-line ports, suitable for installation directly on the pipework of on civil and industrial heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and sanitary water plants. Particularly versatile thanks to the use of the MCE/C inverter, offering performance features capable of automatically adapting to the different needs of the system, keeping a consistent differential pressure.