MCE/P is the leading edge of Dab Inverters family and are ideal for professional and very severe applications.
They can drive pumps of up to 15 kW.
These units combine the simplicity with the robust design and power of an inverter drive.
MCE/P is mounted on the pump, and are equipped with pressure sensors and the optional flow sensors as required.
The use of a flow sensor, moreover, allows a better pressure regulation.
The MCE/P can easily be set up in booster sets, thanks to a standard wire cable connection.
Comfort, energy saving, protections and simplicity are the keywords of this professional series.
The MCE/P units are air cooled.
The MCE/P can be easily installed in existing systems
and can operates with all pumps Facility to create sets
with interchange of up to 8 pumps.
MCE/P 11 - MCE/P 15 - MCE/P 22 MCE/P 30 - MCE/P 55
• Self-ventilated panel-mounting inverters for hydraulic pumps.
• For three-phase pumps up to 3HP - 2,2kW (model MCE/P 11 – MCE/P 15 – MCE/P 22) For three-phase pumps up to 7,5 HP - 5.5 kW (model MCE/P 30 – MCE/P 55) .
For three-phase pumps up to 20HP – 15kW
(MCE/P 110 – MCE/P 150).
• OLED graphic display.
• Input power supply 1 x 230V 50-60Hz (model MCE/P 11 – MCE/P 15 – MCE/P 22)
Input power supply 3 x 400V 50-60Hz (model MCE/P 30 – MCE/P 55 MCE/P 110 – MCE/P 150).
• Electric pump nominal frequency 50-200 Hz.
• Control range in accordance with the sensor utilized, with standard range of 1-24bar.
• Protections against voltage surges.
• Adjustable overload protection.
• Extended connectivity.
• Protection rating: IP55.
• Dry run protection.
• Short circuit between output phases.
• Over temperature protection.
• Anti-seize and anti-frost function.
• Constant pressure.